StripMesh/Brick Mesh -01

StripMesh/Brick Mesh -01

Model No.︰SM01

Brand Name︰FLS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰500000 pc

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Product Description

Expanded metal reinforcement brick mesh is easy to handle,and when laid embedded in the mortar joining between brickwork or blockwore courses ,forms an integral structure of great tcnsilc strcngth which assists in the resistance,vibrations and thermal changes.The range of reinforcement coils satisfies most wall thickness.laid on the mortar bed with 25mm clearance to the outside face of the wall and lapped ant least 75mm,if joining lengths .The reinforcement is then embedded completely and for most applications ,every third course is suffcient.

Wall width
Coil width
Coil Length
114 64 20 Ga anised
164 114 20 Ga anised
228 178 20 Ga anised
279 229 20 Ga anised
355 305 20 Ga anised
114 64 20 Stainless steel
164 114 20 Stainless steel
228 178 20 Stainless steel
279 229 20 Stainless steel
355 305 20 Stainless steel

Installing Coil Mesh
The coil mes h is laid in strips between brick or block courses leaving a pproximately 25mm clearance from the faces o f the work. Where coil mesh joins are requ ired, ensure they overlap by at least 75mm. The reinforcement is then simply embedded in th e mortar for the next course.

In most instances, application ever y third course, for the full length of the wall, will be sufficient.
To reinforce brickwork at an openi ng, e.g. window or door, mesh should be installed to overlap part of the opening, a nd part of the s olid wall.

Thinking of the width of the opening, lay the mesh approx imately a quarte r of the way across the opening. The mesh should lie the same distance again, across the solid wall. 

Price Terms︰ FOB

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC

Packing︰ CARTON and Wooden CAGE

Lead Time︰ 20days

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